St. John’s Police Training Building, Skyward Construction


St. John’s Police Training Building remodel includes: remove existing metal roof system to roof deck, existing roof mounted bell to remain, repair roof substrate areas, install new Energy Star standing seam roofing system, custom stainless steel internal gutter system, new roof drains, under deck piping, drain sumps, flashings and other roofing components, repair upper section of architectural sheet metal cornice at gable ends of building, remove and replace upper section of architectural sheet metal cornice at building eaves, match existing profile with roll-formed section, repair and repaint existing cupola and cupola windows, restore operability of existing casement window for use as roof access, provide and install a pull down access ladder inside cupola, remove existing and install new downspouts, install design/build fall protection system at ridgeline, and painting, as required.

Skyward Construction, LLC

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