Tri-Met Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project, West Segment, the Harbor Structure




The Tri-Met Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project consists of approximately 7.3 miles of new double-tracked light rail alignment, with 10 new stations. This new “Orange Line” light rail route will provide service from Portland State University in downtown Portland through the South Waterfront redevelopment area, SE Portland neighborhoods, downtown Milwaukie to a terminus in northern Clackamas County at SE Park Avenue. This new alignment connects with the existing Yellow Line at SW Jackson Street in downtown Portland and in combination will create a 15.1 mile north/south transit route. The Project will include 10 new light rail stations, a 1.7 mile shared transit way for buses and light rail trains, a new 1,720 foot transit bridge across the Willamette River, and approximately 675 park-and-ride spaces at two park-and-rides. The Harbor Drive structure is located between the edges of the Halprin District, RiverPlace and the South Waterfront District. It will carry light rail over SW Harbor Drive, under the I-5/I-405 ramps and into the South Waterfront District traveling along the west side of SW Moody Avenue. The northern section of the structure will be the most visible to pedestrians, and they will be able to travel under this portion of the structure (the top of the structure will not be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists or private vehicles). A multi-use path that travels under portions of the structure will connect cyclists and pedestrians to other active transportation facilities in the area. The elevated structure will also be highly visible to drivers coming from the I-5 freeway and South Waterfront, and will therefore contribute to a sense of arrival in downtown. The concrete deck and weathering steel girders are designed with a thin profile to create a ribbon effect as the structure sweeps across the landscape. The Project will acquire approximately 18 light rail vehicles. The Project budget is $1.49 billion. The Project is expected to open for service in the fall of 2015.

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